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Crew Management

TraineesEquinox Crew Management encompasses a broad range of activities like recruitment, logistics of placement onboard, follow up during leave and mandatory and specialized training as per international regulations and Principals’ requirements.

Equinox Crew Management Services are managed by a team of dedicated staff located in our Jakarta offices. We manage a large pool of international crews with an emphasis on Indonesian Seafarers. All activities are managed under DNV’s standard of Crew Manning Office and Private Recruitment and Placement Services. (CMO, RPS).

Crewing ImagesEquinox’s Cadet program accepts Cadets from the various Maritime Academies across Indonesia. Principals are welcome to participate in this program and if they wish to select their own Cadets directly from the Academies we will arrange accordingly.

Our Seafarers are presently on-board LNG carriers, FSRU’s, LPG carriers, FPSO’s, FSO’s, Oil Tankers, Bulk Carriers and General Cargo vessels. The Seafarers are trained to the highest competency standards obtained from local and overseas training establishments.

We accept applicants of all ranks for all types of vessels for both the International and the local Indonesian Domestic Fleet.

We are proud to say that today we have second generation Seafarers onboard some of the vessels, both father and son.

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